AOP- KF KangFeng Ceiling mounted air disinfection wquipment


Model: KFS-AOP-600CT; 1000CT; 2000CT

*Maximum air volume: 600m³/h; 1000m³/h; 2000m³/h
*Wind speed: Low/Mid/High
*Power: 160w; 380w; 400w
*Voltage: 220v/50Hz
*Noise: 45dB
*External static pressure: 110pa, 200pa
*Size: 650*370*230H; 1000*500*300H; 1200*1000*300H *Weight: 32KG; 45KG; 60KG
* Outflow port : 150*2; 200*2
* Suitable range: <25m²; <50m²; <100m²


Model: KFS-AOP-600CT

*Maximum air volume: 600m³/h *Wind speed: Low/Mid/High *Power: 160w *Voltage: 220v/50Hz *Noise: 45dB
*External static pressure: 110pa? *Size: 650*370*230H *Weight: 32KG *Jet flow Air outlet: 150*2 *Applicable range: <25m²


Model: KFS-AOP-1000CT

*Maximum air volume: 1000m³/h *Wind speed: Low/Mid/High *Power: 380w *Voltage: 220v/50Hz *Noise: 45dB
*External static pressure: 200pa? *Size: 1000*500*300H *Weight: 45KG *Jet stream Air outlet: 200*2 *suitable range: <50m

Model: KFS-AOP-2000CT

*Maximum air volume: 2000m³/h *Wind speed: Low/Mid/High *Power: 400w *Voltage: 220v/50Hz *Noise: 45dB
*External static pressure: 200pa? *Size: 1200*1000*300H *Weight: 60KG *Jet stream Air outlet: 200*2 *Applicable range: <100m²


This product adopts the patented core material AOP-KF® solid material (Patent No.: ZL201610010790.0), which can purify the oxygen and water vapor in the air and adsorb impurities on the surface of the mesoporous materials loaded with oxidants, such as bacteria, molds, and viruses. , Spores and even formaldehyde and other pollutants. The AOP-KF solid mask material can kill the Sars-CoV-2 (Covid-19 virus) through the test. At the same time, the AOP-KF solid mask has also passed the test in South Africa and can be used continuously for several days.

Because of the emergence of AOP-KF, the defects of the previous technology have been overcome. It used to rely on ultraviolet light, and the cleaning chips used have a short service life. Some cleaning chips also have secondary pollution to the environment, etc., AOP-KF technology combines the advantages of the previous traditional cleaning chips , It can be sterilized without light effect, and will not pollute the environment twice.

This project adopts the indoor air quality standard of North Europe, to removal the aerosol of the air and solve the respiratory infection problem at public offices, to make this centre as the sample area for health respiratory in the cuntry.

The air quality goal is reached: formaldehyde≤0.03mg/m3, particulate matter PM2.5≤1ug/m3, bacteria≤4cfu/30min·φ90 (150cfum3).
Remarks: In sanitation "Standard Quality of Indoor Air" GB/T 18883-2002, formaldehyde ≤0.1mg/m3, total number of colonies ≤2500cfu/m3. "Ambient Air Quality Standard" GB 3095-2012 PM2.5 standard office area daily average is ≤75ug/m3. Finland, which has the highest air requirements, divides indoor air quality into three grades: S1, S2, and S3. S1: 0.03mg/m3, the best indoor air quality. S2: 0.05mg/m3, good indoor air quality. S3: 0.1 mg/m3, satisfactory indoor air quality.




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