AOP- KF®KangFeng Ceiling mounted air disinfection equipment


Application area:

Residential bedrooms, rooms, study and other living areas.
Hotel rooms, offices.
Single ward in hospital.Nursing home double room.

*Voltage: AC220V/50HZ *Maximum air volume: 525m³/h; 1050m³/h
* Noise: <57dB(A); <63dB(A) Appearance * Dimensions: 470*280*630(mm); 470*280*1020(mm)

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Model: KFS-AOP-525MSF

*Maximum air volume: 525m³/h *Power: 71w
*Voltage: 220v/50Hz *Noise: <57dB
*Size: 470*280*630H *Particulate matter: 438m3/h
*Control method: touch button + APP remote *Suitable range: 21-35m²

Model: KFS-AOP-1050MSF

*Maximum air volume: 1050m³/h *Power: 130w
*Voltage: 220v/50Hz *Noise: <63dB
*Size: 470*280*1020H *Particulate matter: 777m3/h
*Control method: touch button + APP remote *Suitable range: 42-70m²


This product adopts the patented core material AOP-KF® solid material (Patent No.: ZL201610010790.0), which can purify the oxygen and water vapor in the air and adsorb impurities on the surface of the mesoporous materials loaded with oxidants, such as bacteria, molds, and viruses. , Spores and even formaldehyde and other pollutants. The AOP-KF solid mask material can kill the Sars-CoV-2 (Covid-19 virus) through the test. At the same time, the AOP-KF solid mask has also passed the test in South Africa and can be used continuously for several days.

Because of the emergence of AOP-KF, the defects of the previous technology have been overcome. It used to rely on ultraviolet light, and the cleaning chips used have a short service life. Some cleaning chips also have secondary pollution to the environment, etc., AOP-KF technology combines the advantages of the previous traditional cleaning chips , It can be sterilized without light effect, and will not pollute the environment twice.

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