Case Study-Belt and Road Technical Exchange Centre, Shen Zhen

This project adopts the indoor air quality standard of North Europe, to removal the aerosol of the air and solve the respiratory infection problem at public offices, to make this centre as the sample area for health respiratory in the cuntry.

Air quality can achieve: Formaldehyde≤0.03mg/m³, PM2.5≤15ug/m³, Bacteria≤4cfu/30min·φ90皿(150cfu/m³)。
Note: In GB/T 18883-2002 of the air quality,Formaldehyde≤0.1mg/m³,cfu≤2500cfu/m³。AtGB 3095-2012 ,PM2.5 for normal office≤75ug/m³。 In Finland, indoor air been in 3 classes according to the content of formaldehyde:S1、S2、S3。 S1:0.03mg/m³ good air quality。S2: 0.05mg/m³,Better air quality。S3:0.1mg/m³,Excellent air quality。

Case Study-Olympic Athletic Centre of Xian

Total area:4600m2。
Air Quality canacheieve

Case Study-Bacteria Count Test for Lift

Tested by a Hong Kong Company,At a higher air flow rate, the airborne bacteria killing eff. is 96% for 1 minute ,The surface cleaning rate is 88% for 5 minutes.

Case Study-Bacteria count test in Jiang Su

Covid 19 test car in Jiang Su

Case Study - Winter Olympic Stadium in Beijing

Capital Stadium is used as temporary office for the Winter Olympic. It has 3000+m2, height of 15m, total volume nearly 50000m3. There are total more than 160 office tables. We have installed 8 nos large AOP floor mounted unit each of 20000m3/h for the air purification. After operating for 7 hours, with more than 60 persons in working condition, we can still achieve 22 cfu/m3 at the 13 check points.(National standard is 2500cfu/m3)Thereafter, the machines continue to operate at office hours for 3 days. The air quality at the 13 check points can achieve 15cfu/m3 which is close to the class 1 operating theatre bio cleaning standard. Cross infection is nearly totally isolated under such condition. Cross infection is easy for air with 500cfu/m3 or higher, and not easy for lower than 180cfu/m3.


The private clinic of pediatrician Yang Chaofa in Tsing Yi, Hong Kong. It has a total area of ​​more than 400 feet. There are 3 partitions in total. We installed 2 Kangfeng AIR KJ900F, each with 900m³/h for air purification. The test cycle is 2 months. From the end of the first day of the test to the second day of the test, the clinic will stay in the waiting room, the ward will use Kangfeng air purifiers, and the ward will be open until 8:30 am and closed. Visiting time The rest time is 8:30 in the evening to protect the health of outpatients and medical staff.

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