Oriental Daily: Test of Kangfeng purifier in Tsing Yi Clinic

The medical clinic in a housing estate in Tsing Yi receives many patients every day, and there are many accompanying patients. The clinic has no windows and the air does not circulate. The indoor air can only be processed by air conditioners. Just like common clinics in Hong Kong, there are many bacteria and viruses accumulated, and the new crown virus is raging, Increase the risk of infection of medical staff and patients.

In this test, on-site testing is used, and samples are taken during the clinic’s daily consultation as usual. For the purpose of laboratory tests, it is necessary to show the real situation to the public for reference.

Test details

Location: A medical clinic in Changkang Village, Tsing Yi
Area: 400 square feet

Date: 8/7/2020 (first test), 6/8/2020 (second test)
Date: 8/7/2020 (first test), 6/8/2020 (second test)
*Third-party testing agency: Micro Motion Inspection and Testing Co., Ltd. (PIT Limited)

Clinic environment

The clinic is divided into three areas, including the waiting room, pharmacy and consultation room. We Samples of air and countertop colonies in the waiting room and consultation room will be taken and compared.
The influence of bacteria count, air quality, formaldehyde before and after Kangfeng air purifier Human health data for comparison.

Clinic floor plan (roughly drawn)

Place the air purifier and sample location:

The Kangfeng air purifier is placed in an appropriate position to disinfect the air in the clinic
Kangfeng Air Purifier KJ900F Model
Sample position of colony on the surface of the object
Take air colonies and formaldehyde sample locations

Test process (first day)

The test will be conducted on two days. The sampling will start at 12 noon on 8/7/2020 on the first day. A second sample was taken at around 4pm before the clinic opened.

Take samples of colonies in the air at the reception(L);Take a sample of the number of colonies on the surface of the clinic

Daily consultation time (9/7/2020-6/8/2020)

From the end of the first day of testing until the second day of testing, the clinic will remain in the waiting room and Kangfeng air purifier is used in the patient room, which will be open until closed at 8:30 in the morning of the consultation time The rest time is 8:30 pm to protect the health of people entering and leaving the clinic and medical staff.

Doctors face many patients every day, and the use of Kangfeng air purifier can reduce the chance of infection from patients to doctors(L);The Kangfeng air purifier is turned on during the daily consultation hours in the waiting room until the rest time(R)

Test process (after one month)

About a month later on 6/8/2020, the clinic will start the Kangfeng air purifier every day To wash the air in the clinic, we took the first sample again at 12:30, A second sample will be taken at 4 pm before the opening of the clinic.

Take a sample of the number of colonies on the surface of the waiting room and the number of colonies in the air(L);Take a sample of the colony in the consultation room(R)

Test results on the first day

Test result on the first day (number of bacteria)

In terms of bacterial value, the bacterial content in the air in the consultation room that has not been treated by Kangfeng air purifier reached 1080 CFU/m³, and the value dropped sharply to 252 CFU/m³ after three hours of startup. The bacteria content in the air in the waiting room has been reduced from 1409 CFU/m³ to 442 CFU/m³ after treatment, which is the highest level of excellence in the indoor air quality indicators of the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department

Daily consultation time (9/7/2020-6/8/2020)

Test result after one month (number of bacteria)

Test result after one month (number of bacteria)

Regardless of whether it is in the consultation room or the waiting room, the number of bacteria in the air has not returned to the number before the Kangfeng air purifier was used. Instead, it is fine in the air in the waiting room. The bacteria content was even lower than in the first day of testing, and the swab test did not find bacteria accumulated on the countertops and walls.

Comparison of two test results

Detailed test report:

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